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water filled inside house

So, what happens when your home is subject to unexpected water infiltration, from a small buildup to a total submersion? Our team can assess the type of assistance you’ll need, from a proper dry out and decontamination to a full restoration of the building itself. Oklahoma City Restorations will thoroughly inspect the affected area to determine the severity of the water intrusion. Simple clean leaks, from toilets, kitchen sinks, or showers can slowly accumulate, but if taken care of immediately, the damage can be minimal. These leaks left unattended, however, they can fester into a bigger problem as the water will slowly eat away at wood, flooring, and other materials. Water absorption from liquid tainted with detergents or urine can pose their own threats, and sewer water, standing water, and floods from outside sources can contain deadly bacteria. Not only does Oklahoma City Restorations determine the source and type of water infiltration, but our team can also assess if water has saturated the walls, ceilings, carpeting, and personal items, like clothes and furniture. This type of water damage requires extensive repair.

vacuums and pumps for extracting water

After a damage assessment, Oklahoma City Restorations will remove the water buildup as soon as possible, prevent further destruction, and the accumulation of mold and mildew. We use specialized vacuums and pumps to remove the water, followed by the drying out process. Utility fans are placed to dry and dehumidify the affected area and are periodically rotated to other damaged placed, to ensure that any additional moisture is removed. Depending upon the severity of the water accumulation, this process may take several weeks.

water pumps from OKC Restoration

Personal items such as clothing, bedding, draperies, and fabric-covered furniture need to be cleaned and sanitized to discourage bacteria growth. Many items may not be salvageable, depending on the cleanliness of the water source and the amount of the invading water. The restoration process can be extensive, from bleaching visible mold spots to removing flooring, walls, and cabinets. While a small leak may seem innocuous at first, the slow build of toxins in the air can be harmful to your health and should be inspected as soon as possible. At Oklahoma City Restorations, your home and your health is important to us. We take every conceivable measure to ensure your home is free from water, mold, and other airborne toxins so you feel safe and comfortable. It is our goal to provide you exceptional service and to leave your home looking as pristine as it was before your unfortunate water damage.

Your home is your castle, and water should be outside in the moat, not inside causing havoc! At Oklahoma City Restorations, we want you to know you can rely on our professional services, any time of the day or night. Our team is dedicated, efficient, and caring; they understand the stress an unexpected water invasion can cause, and they are thoroughly trained to help you through every step of the process. Your one call to Oklahoma City Restorations will give you peace of mind!

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