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At Oklahoma City Restorations, we know that you may have questions, so we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help save you time. We hope you find them helpful. If you do not see your question listed, please feel free to contact us with your inquiry.
Q. I have an emergency at my home/business…how long will it take you to get here?
A. There are several factors that may skew response time, but our standard response time is less than two hours. Factors may include time of day, type of emergency, and your location in the OKC area. We will give you a definitive time when you call.
Q. What can I do if I find a leak, running water, or standing water in my home or business?
Q. Water is coming in through my roof/my ceiling is wet. How is that addressed?
Q. I had a sewer line back up. What do I do?
Q. How long does it take for drywall, carpeting, furniture, etc. to dry? Will I need to relocate while the services are being conducted?
Q. What could happen if I don’t repair water damage right away?
Q. Why should I choose Oklahoma City Restoration?

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