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At Oklahoma City Restorations, we’re your neighbors, and our goal is to ensure your business or home is a safe and comfortable place. After any kind of disaster, it’s important to go to a company you know and trust. At Oklahoma City Restorations, we base our reputation on the inspections, clean up and restoration processes we perform. Each home or business is different, and each can suffer significant damage based on the type of water damage, the materials involved, even how long the water has been stagnant. Our job is to be the best clean-up crew in the OKC area; you can count on Oklahoma City Restorations for professional, efficient, and effective water damage assessment and repair.

As a locally owned company, we understand how a water leak can affect your business even if you are just closed for one day. At Oklahoma City Restorations, we will not only determine the extent of the water damage, but we can help save you time and money when the water damage is caught early. If you suspect that you may have some damage due to rain, or a small leak, the sooner it is assessed and fixed, the better!

Our technicians receive comprehensive training in the removal of all types of water, contaminants, and debris. We utilize state-of-the-art vacuums and extraction equipment to remove the buildup of water. Fans are used to dry out the carpet, drywall, and furnishings and, depending upon the extent of the damage, the process can last several weeks. At Oklahoma City Restorations, we are skilled at removing debris and combating the growth of mold and other harmful microbes.

At Oklahoma City Restorations, we are only as good as our reputation. We cater to the homes and businesses in the OKC vicinity, and we are known for our friendly, fast, courteous customer service. You need a professional in the restoration business that understands your home or business’ needs when it comes to saving important documents, keepsakes, clothing, and other irreplaceable items. We treat your belongings like we would treat our own, and we only treat your property with respect. Our team prides itself on our professionalism and customer service. Trust Oklahoma City Restorations, your hometown restoration services, for affordable, quick, and thorough water damage services.

Have questions about water damage, restoration, debris removal, or even mold and mildew? At Oklahoma City Restorations, we are here to be a source of information, as well as provide a valuable service. If you think you may have an undetected leak or you have visible water damage, contact our helpful customer service team to help answer your questions, or visit our FAQ page for more information. At Oklahoma City Restorations, we are more than just a clean-up crew, we’re your neighborhood experts!

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