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There can be nothing worse than seeing everything you have worked for all your life disappear into a single cloud of smoke. While there is no silver lining to a fire disaster, there can be a saving grace. Fire restoration focuses on restoring the property and personal belongings that are damaged during a fire. The goal is to salvage everything that is redeemable and get rid of things that are not. Since fire restoration needs to happen fast, you want a company that can be on-site at a moment’s notice. OKC Restorations specializes in quick, effective, and efficient fire restorations. And since we are local to Oklahoma City, we are always within reach.

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Why do you need to act quickly?

Fire restoration needs to happen fast. More often than not, the leftovers after a fire can damage personal belongings and can even ignite a new fire. By clearing out the soot, we make sure that there is no possibility of accidental ignition. But the advantages don’t stop there. Here are a few more reasons why you need to initiate fire restoration immediately after the fire is under control:

  • Structural damage: If left untended, buildings ravaged by fire suffer from structural damage and possible decay. This can also result in water damage, mold growth, and several other problems. When left alone, these problems can potentially ruin the building’s structure to the point of demolition. Fire restoration helps prevent further issues by recognizing possible future issues and dealing with them quickly.
  • Soot: Soot starts settling down once the fire is extinguished. When left on its own, soot can cause permanent discoloration of your belongings to a point where even professionals cannot remove them. There is a small window of opportunity between the time when the fire is extinguished and when the soot starts settling in. During this window, professional fire restoration companies like OKC restorations can remove the soot altogether. All you need to do is act fast.
  • Pressure Buildup: Massive amount of smoke permeates the air once the fire is extinguished. It builds up pressure, especially in well-insulated buildings. The results are expanded structures, blown-out windows, and upheaved roofs. Fire restoration helps to alleviate the stress caused by smoke by clearing out your vents.
  • Byproducts of fire: A fire leaves you with so much more than just a damaged house. From soot to smoke, the byproducts of fire are equally as devastating as the fire itself. Since each of these byproducts are high in acidity, you need to act swiftly. Professional fire restorers are well equipped to take care of all the chemical byproducts left by a fire. When these chemicals and heavy metals are left to their own devices, they result in inhospitable environments.

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What goes into fire restoration?

After a fire, the last thing you want is a fire restoration company that has no idea what it is doing. At OKC Restorations, we make sure that you know everything that we do. And since we are local to Oklahoma City, you can count on us to do our part to make the city beautiful, which means no burnt structures.

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  • Damage Assessment: When we first arrive at the scene, our team quickly assesses the potential damage. Since no two sites are the same, each incident needs careful examination. Once the initial assessment is completed, our team will develop an initial plan for damage control.
  • Securing the site: Safety takes precedence. After the initial plans are drawn, our team will secure the area by building temporary fences, temporary board, and roof cover-ups, and bracing where needed.
  • Water extraction: You need to get rid of the water as soon as the fire is put out. Water can weaken the structure and is an ideal place for mold growth. Our team will work quickly to dry the building and prevent further damage.
  • Debris removal: When everything is dry, we can get along with the actual restoration process. Our team will scan through the debris and remove unsalvageable items. We will salvage anything that can be restored.
  • Clearing soot and smoke: Soot and smoke can damage your belongings in places where the fire failed. Since soot and smoke are acidic, they do more damage to your personal belongings and the building’s structure. Our team will also work on clearing any foul orders left by the fire.
  • Repairs and restoration: At OKC restorations, we understand that you want your establishment back in tip-top shape in the least amount of time. Our teams move fast, and once everything is taken care of, we start with the repairs and restoration. Our teams are well-equipped and experienced in everything from commercial construction to plumbing, carpentry, and wiring.
  • Renovation: While restoration is often the answer to general fires, some establishments need a complete renovation. But even if things can be restored, a fire can be a good warning sign for renovation. From upgrading your existing space to adding a new fire sprinkler system, there are more than one ways to make sure that you prevent similar accidents in the future.

If you require fire restoration services in Oklahoma City, remember OKC Restorations. We are local to the city and care about it as much as you do. Our teams are available around the clock, and our response times are best in Oklahoma.

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